Portland (ME) Fire Station Using Social Media for Public Education

Courtesy Fire Department Facebook

A Portland fire station is using Facebook this week to better educate the public about what they do, reports Central Maine News.

Today the fire station posted to Facebook, “Engine company 6 has been housed in several locations that are known to the autor in its many years of service: Burnham Street, Park Avenue, a short stay at the Portland Jetport, and its current location at Bramhall Square on Congress Street. Engine companies carry hose, and water onboard, and are responsible for stretching hose lines into a fire to contain and extinguish it. If an engine arrives second to a fire, they connect the first engine to a fire hydrant, and bring additional hoses into the fire if necessary. Some incidents responded to include, but aren’t limited to:Auto accidents, grass/ brush fires, trees/ Wires down, medical emergencies, alarms sounding, and many more.”

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