Plymouth (MI) Approves Fire Apparatus Purchase

The Plymouth City Commission unanimously agreed to buy a new mini-pumper fire truck to replace the one destroyed in the June 9 fire at the city’s fire station.

The approval authorized the city to spend no more than $228,000 on a Spartan ERV mini-pumper with a compressed-air foam system to fight fires. The truck, on a Ford F-550 chassis, is being purchased from Zahnen Cos. of Greenville (MI) with money from the insurance on the destroyed pumper.

Officials say the mini-pumper is a good initial attack vehicle during fire emergencies and offers the maneuverability in tight areas that bigger trucks don’t.

The truck will take about 180 days to build before it is delivered to the city. Plymouth joined a Saranac Community Fire Department bidding process to make the purchase.

The June 9 fire started inside the mini-pumper and damaged parts of the fire station, which is adjacent to City Hall.

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