Plumstead (PA) Supervisors Split on New Fire Station


Plumstead supervisors are divided over whether to fund the estimated $800,000 demolition and rebuilding of the Plumsteadville Volunteer Fire Co.’s substation, a project firefighters say is necessary to provide sufficient protection for residents.

In a split 3-2 vote Tuesday evening, supervisors decided to hire William Jenaway to study the situation and advise them on how to proceed.

Jenaway, who has more than 40 years of fire service experience, will be paid an amount not to exceed $10,000.

He’s expected to provide feedback on whether repairing or rebuilding the substation on Route 611 is the best idea, or if there are better alternatives, including the possibility of Plumstead paying a fire company from a neighboring municipality for coverage.

Supervisors Frank Froio and Stacey Mulholland opposed the resolution, saying further study was unwarranted and an unnecessary expense. They both pointed to input from the township’s fire protection services advisory committee and a recent extensive study — prepared with Jenaway — that they say makes it clear the need for a new substation is pressing.

“We’re putting our firefighters in a building that rats run away from,” said Froio.

Officials said Jenaway has indicated the study could be completed in 40 hours over the course of about 30 days; it’s unclear when he’ll begin the analysis.

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