Officials Mull Options on ARFF Vehicle for Plattsburgh (NY) Airport

Courtesy Photo Provided

The Clinton County Legislature’s Airport Committee is trying to figure out what to do to provide the airport with the necessary aircraft rescue and fire fighting (ARFF) vehicles needed to operate its airport in Plattsburgh, NY, according to a report published by the Press-Republican newspaper.

The paper reported that the airport’s two ARFFs both suffered mechanical issues in August which took them out of service for repairs. One had problems with its water pump and the other had issues with its alternator, the report said, adding that maintenance workers were able to get one back in service while the other is being stored.

Airport officials say there are three options to getting full ARFF coverage at the airport. The first is to repair the down vehicle, which would cost at least $20,000 to find out whether it can be repaired or not as the company that built the 1993 model no longer supports the vehicle, according to the paper.

The two other options include buying a used ARFF upwards to $475,000 or to buy a new one for more than $1 million and take a year or longer to be built and put in service.

Airport officials delayed making any final decision seeking more information on each of the options before taking any votes, the paper reported.

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