Plantation Fire Department Takes it to the eMAX

Ocala, FL (May 17, 2011) – The introduction of eMAX at the 2011 Fire Department Instructors Conference led to unprecedented interest throughout the fire industry for the new product designed by E-ONE. Since its debut, E-ONE has been inundated with inquiries for the new configuration leading to the first of many eMAX contracts to be awarded.
“With ten E-ONE units currently in service, we couldn’t be more proud that the first eMAX will be delivered to Plantation Fire Department – a long-time, valued E-ONE customer,” Peter Guile, CEO of E-ONE said. “The eMAX design was born from extensive research into the needs and ever-evolving duties of first responders. Our research included fire departments operating apparatus from various other manufacturers revealing both preferences and challenges with existing configurations. The eMAX design provides maximum compartment space, accessibility, maneuverability and fire fighting capability to meet the demands placed on today’s first responders.”
With safety a crucial component of all fire departments, Division Chief Laney Stearns of the Plantation FD actually had a custom E-ONE truck on order and switched to the eMAX after being presented with the product information shortly after FDIC.
“Safety is our number one priority, we want our firefighters’ feet on the ground at all times to decrease the risk of injuries,” Chief Stearns said. “We were in the process of customizing a pumper and had just closed the deal when Ron Wilson, our sales person from Hallmark Fire Apparatus, gave us the eMAX brochure.  We were close with the other pumper design to having all our safety elements but this configuration brought us so much closer. We realized eMAX was exactly what we were looking for so we asked to have the order changed.”
eMAX allows departments to have an enclosed pump panel, low speedlays, lower pre-connected handlines, and excess compartment space all on a shorter wheel base. Plantation FD customized their new eMAX even farther.
“We customized trays and tool boards, included a hose reel in the rear compartment and configured a low hose bed – all so that our firefighters’ tools are easily accessible and no one has to get off the ground,” Chief Stearns said. “We also like the interior pump panel design, the vista roof that lines up with the back of the body, and the fact that we can still get the eMAX on the Quest cab.”
“Safety is the number one driving force at our department and E-ONE has been able to provide us with a truck to help us be safer when we arrive at an emergency scene,” Chief Stearns said.
To learn more about how your department can Maximize its Performance with the new eMAX by E-ONE or to find an E-ONE dealer near you, visit

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