Plainville CT Opts for Five Year Loan for Fire Apparatus

The Plainville (CT) City Council has approved a five-year loan to pay for the town’s $589,000 fire rescue truck. Fire officials call the apparatus a rolling tool box, carrying rescue equipment to fires, accidents and other emergency calls.

The loan was obtained through the financing partner of the truck maker, KME. It has a 2.07 percent increase rate and requires yearly July payments of $103,300. The amount of interest the town will pay is estimated at $26,484. Town Manager Robert Lee said the interest rate is not locked in, so it may increase slightly over the life of the loan, so the interest paid might be a bit higher.

The town’s volunteer fire department is now training drivers for the new truck and expects to put it into service in December. The vehicle replaces a 25-year-old rescue truck that required increasingly expensive maintenance. Replacement parts were difficult to find because the old truck’s manufacturer is out of business.

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