Pittsfield Township MI Board Approves Fire Apparatus Purchase

The Pittsfield Township Fire Department (MI) has received approval from the Board of Trustees to purchase a fire engine/pumper at a cost of  $449,437 from Emergency Vehicles Plus of Milan.

It will replace Engine No. 2, a 1998 Pierce pumper with 15,000 hours of service and 155,000 miles.

The township approved $69,000 in May 2012 to refurbish Engine 2 and relegated to a reserve status. The new engine will be assigned to Station Two.

Engine 11 has been the department’s reserve engine, but it has a blown engine and is out of service. With the purchase of the new engine, the department will sell Engine 11 for scrap.

The department was going to sell the old engine to Manchester Towing for $4,000 but they backed out. The board has approved a request to set the minimum price for scrapping the vehicle at $2,700.

For more information, view www.heritage.com

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