Pittsburg County (OK) Denies Low Bid on Fire Apparatus

Pittsburg County (OK) commissioners agreed to throw out the low bid for a new tanker truck for the High Hill Fire Department after the fire chief maintained that bid failed to meet the required specifications.

District 1 Commissioner Gene Rogers and District 2 Commissioner Kevin Smith voted unanimously to reject the bid after Assistant District Attorney Chuck Sullivan told them the low bid submitted from Richard Bennett Sales did not meet the bid specifications on at least one item.

The truck Bennett Sales planned to deliver is a “dry side aluminum body complete” instead of the “partial wet side body” called for in the specifications.

Wet side tankers are pressurized with water, while dry side tankers are pressurized with air.

Any submitted bid varying from the original specifications is not considered a valid bid, allowing the commissioners to go on to the next bid, Sullivan  noted.

“The variance doesn’t have to be a big deal,” Sullivan said. “Any variance allows for that.”

High Hill Fire Chief Paulette Norris, who attended  the meeting, said she had many more items where the low bid from Bennett Sales did not meet the bid specifications.

Richard Burkes, of Richard Bennett Sales, told Norris that the company could meet the specifications that were wanted. The two looked over several pages of the submitted bid where Norris said that what Bennett Sales offered to deliver did not meet the specifications required by the High Hill Fire Department.

“We asked for four hinged doors, not the roll-up doors,” Norris said, presenting another example.

“It’s the same price, whatever you want,” Burkes said.

“I found too many things not meeting the specs,” Norris said. “I prefer to go with the other bid.”

Sullivan advised the commissioners they were free to move on to the next best bid, because the bid submitted by Bennett Sales varied from the specifications called for in the bid package.

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