Pierce Will Show New Apparatus At FDIC

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Pierce is planning to unveil a unique top-mount version of its PUC pumper at FDIC this year. By configuring the pump control panel layout parallel to running boards, Pierce was able to offer the advantages of top controls while maintaining a short wheelbase for maneuverability. (Pierce photo)

Following up on successful launches of the Velocity cab and chassis and the PUC pumper, Pierce Manufacturing plans to unveil several new products at this year’s Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) trade show in Indianapolis.

In an interview with Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment magazine in March, Mike Moore, Pierce’s director of new product development, said the company will introduce a new “top-mount, side-mount” version of its PUC (Pierce Ultimate Configuration) pumper, as well as a 75-foot aluminum aerial on a PUC platform.
Pierce will also exhibit a split-tilt cab on its Velocity cab and chassis, first seen at the International Fire Chiefs Association (IAFC) show in Dallas in 2006.

“We are also expanding the PUC into the Contender by Pierce line as well,” Moore said.

Launched at FDIC in 2007, the PUC stands for Pierce Ultimate Configuration. One of its most notable features is a unique pump location that eliminates the conventional pump house. By physically locating the pump under the rear passengers’ compartment of the cab, Pierce was able to reduce and redistribute some of the space available on the apparatus without sacrificing firefighting capabilities.
With its new top-mount side-mount configuration, Moore said Pierce can offer the advantages of top-mount controls without the huge increase in wheelbase normally required. He said Pierce’s top-mount PUC is three feet shorter than traditional top-mount apparatus.

Access to the top-mount, side-mount operator’s panel will be made by a pull-out step stowed in a compartment under the pump panel, he said. Because the pump is pushed forward under the cab, he said the discharges and intakes will not impede the pump operator’s area, which was a problem with other manufacturers’ attempts to create a top-mount-side mount configuration. With Pierce’s new configuration, the crosslays and the pump operator’s platform can be kept low, as they will not have to be above the pump.
Although the controls will be on the top of the vehicle, they will not break the plane of the cab’s raised roof, Moore said.

“Because the PUC has been successful beyond our wildest forecasts, we’ve decided to introduce it to our other product lines,” Moore said.
By using the PUC platform for a 75-foot quint, he said Pierce was able to gain 30 cubic feet of compartment space and can offer department a choice between a rescue body style and a pumper body style in a quint. He said the PUC quint will allow departments to spec a Pierce popular “Texas shoot-out” style hose bed that will pay out hose rapidly off the back without sacrificing compartment space, even with a tank up to 500 gallons.

Moore said the PUC design in Pierce’s custom Contender apparatus gives the driver 3.5 inches of additional legroom and seven inches more for firefighters in the rear while maintaining a 175-inch wheelbase. The increase in price over the base custom Contender is “very modest,” he said.

While it’s clear Pierce has focused its energies on the PUC, its Velocity cab received attention too. With the split-tilt cab, Moore said Pierce offers the advantages of the Velocity cab – more space, a high-visibility, single-piece windshield, cab clutter free storage, and easy maintenance combined with the options of custom cab configurations.

By splitting the Velocity cab just behind the engine tunnel, he said Pierce is able to offer it in 80-, 90- and 100-inch configurations behind the split. “That will allow departments to have tremendously large cabs for 10-person seating or a command center in the cab with a desk or an enclosed, top-mount pump panel,” he said.

For information on Pierce call 920-832-3231 go to www.piercemfg.com.

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