Pierce Introduces High Flow Industrial Fire Apparatus

Pierce Manufacturing today introduced the new Pierce High Flow Industrial Apparatus that is capable of flowing 5,500 gpm when drafting, and up to 10,000 gpm when drawing water from a positive (hydrant) source. 

APPLETON, WI—Pierce Manufacturing Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company has introduced the new Pierce® High Flow Industrial Apparatus that is capable of flowing 5,500 gallons per minute (gpm) when drafting and up to 10,000 gpm drawing from a pressurized water source. 

“In emergency scenarios, when an industrial pumper is called into action, maximum water and foam flow are the top priorities, and that’s exactly what we’ve accomplished with the new Pierce High Flow Industrial Apparatus—it’s numbers are off the charts, and set the new performance benchmark,” said Matt McLeish, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing of the Fire & Emergency segment. “Equally important, however, is the firefighting system’s endurance, reliability, and ease of operation. The new high-flow industrial apparatus delivers the dependability firefighters expect from Pierce.”

The Pierce High Flow industrial Apparatus features the first application of a Darley 2ZSM water pump that delivers up to 10,000 gpm flow rate from a pressurized water source and additional reach to keep firefighters further away from harm. “We worked very closely with the Darley team to engineer and integrate the system’s components, which include a pair of Darley ZSM pumps that are coupled together on a common transmission to deliver uncommon performance,” said John Schultz, director of pumper and custom chassis products. “To say the least, it’s a pretty impressive firefighting system.” Pierce has been awarded five years of exclusivity on the Darley 2ZSM for industrial fire apparatus applications.

To complement the water pumping capabilities of the new Pierce High Flow Industrial Apparatus, Pierce expanded its line of Husky™ foam systems. The new Husky 450 foam system delivers up to 450 gallons of foam concentrate per minute. “When flowing this much water, the foam system and other critical components need to keep pace, and that’s what we’ve been able to accomplish with this apparatus,” added Schultz.

Simplicity of operation is another focus of Pierce’s product development team. One case in point is Pierce’s exclusive valve controllers that provide true valve position indication and an unprecedented level of control with the touch of a button. Moreover, the new patent-pending flow meters are an industry first, and provide accurate flow data across a broad range of flow rates.

The Pierce High Flow Industrial Apparatus is available on either the Pierce Velocity® or Pierce Arrow XT™ custom chassis, each featuring a 600-hp engine.

For more information, visit www.piercemfg.com.

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