FDIC International: Making the Most Out of Connecting with the Fire Service

By Chris Mc Loone

Although exhibiting at a trade show is an opportunity to show off a company’s latest and greatest, exhibitors also value the interaction they have with show attendess. Dave Meyer, director, sales and marketing, Pierce Manufacturing, says, “The most important part of exhibiting at FDIC International is making the most of the opportunity we, in partnership with our dealer network, have to connect with the more than 30,000 fire service representatives that will be in attendance. The time we spend with those who use our products on a daily basis is invaluable—and provides us with the critical insight and feedback needed to make continual apparatus advancements. In addition, we are excited to reflect on all we have learned from the past year as we get set to introduce the latest and greatest innovations, apparatus, and technology enhancements at FDIC 2018.”

Pierce will, of course, be displaying several new innovations—one of which was to be unveiled on April 26. Additionally, the company displayed a clean-cab pumper designed using feedback and research provided by workplace health and carcinogen reduction advocates. Additionally, the Pierce booth is featuring the all new Saber® featuring a Ford powertrain. Attendees will also have an opportunity to experience a rapid configurator that provides authentic, engineered approval drawings in less than 10 minutes. At the company’s booth in the Indiana Convention Center, where Pierce will showcase its aftermarket capabilities, there will be on-the-hour tech talks.

The connections made at FDIC International, however, continue to be an experience at the show that the company considers important benefits. “We value the time we have at FDIC International to connect one on one with fire service representatives,” says Meyer. “We are committed to providing a wide range of educational tools and opportunities to connect with the many Pierce product experts who will be present. Our hope is that all attendees will take advantage of the hands-on training and resources offered, and we look forward to listening to and collecting ideas and feedback that is sure to come our way.”

Pierce’s booths are 5501, 14000, 14010, and 8807.

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