Braun Industries and Pierce Manufacturing Partner for All-in-One Apparatus

VAN WERT, OH—Braun Industries and Pierce Manufacturing Inc. recently announced they will be partnering to bring the Pierce Saber® chassis to the Braun Patriot ambulance. This exclusive partnership will further enhance the Patriot model, an apparatus that can serve as an ambulance, rescue vehicle, and fire suppression unit. Ideally suited for volunteer fire departments without the personnel to staff several emergency vehicles, Pierce’s industry-standard chassis—the Saber®—will be a welcome addition to the model.

“We are very pleased to have two power-house, premium brands—Braun and Pierce—come together for the development of this product,” says Braun Industries President Kim Braun. “Our Patriot ambulance model will be offered on the Saber® chassis platform. This exclusive module/chassis combination will meet the needs of our customer base in serving local communities with the highest degree of reliability and excellence you can find in a work truck. Our two companies have many similarities, and those alignments start first and foremost with our commitment to quality.”

The Braun Patriot model was designed with the EMS industry in mind. Engineered to respond to more than 95 percent of emergency calls, it covers EMS-related, light rescue, and/or light suppression dispatches. With 73 inches of interior headroom and enough room for up to six crew members and emergency medical equipment, the Patriot delivers maximum interior space and increased available payload inside the box. With ample room for emergency medical equipment and supplies to aid in rescue, and the capacity to carry water, every inch of the vehicle is used to perform a wide variety of emergency services.

The Pierce Saber® chassis is the perfect complement to the Patriot ambulance. Built with the value-driven firefighter in mind, it offers exceptional visibility, greater space, improved ergonomics and streamlined serviceability. With seating capacity for eight and a Cummins L9 engine, it is the ideal chassis for the Braun Patriot model.

Both companies are excited to announce this exclusive partnership. The two are well-known in the fire/EMS industry for their exceptional commitment to quality and safety, and together they will deliver a premium product. They are currently accepting orders for the new Patriot model on the Saber® chassis. The first completed unit is set to display at FDIC International 2018.

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