Pierce Awarded Army Contract For 68 Mini-Pumpers

Pierce Manufacturing has received its first major non-tactical vehicle award from the U.S. Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM), a three-year contract valued at $9.85 million to build 68 Pierce mini-pumper fire emergency apparatus.

The contract, according to the company, has the potential to expand up to 156 vehicles. The Pierce mini-pumper is a high-performance, compact vehicle for emergency medical services, fire response and rescue operations.

The first vehicles are scheduled for delivery in December 2008 to Kabul, Afghanistan, and will be used in Operation Enduring Freedom by the U.S. Army and the Afghan National Police.

The Pierce mini-pumper is custom-engineered with a four-wheel antilock braking system, power steering, and front and rear axle stabilizer bars with shocks, allowing operators to safely maneuver over the arid and rugged terrain of Afghanistan. The vehicle’s 325-hp engine and electrical system are designed for extreme-duty operations, featuring a 135-amp alternator and two 750 CCA-rated batteries to assure power is available throughout long shifts.

“For our soldiers and the Afghan National Police, who are challenged in this rugged and mountainous terrain, we are providing the very best in firefighting performance and reliability,” said Pierce President Wilson Jones. “We are honored to provide these vehicles to those supporting Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.”

Each Pierce mini-pumper is built on a Ford Super Duty F550XL chassis and equipped with a side-mounted control panel that manages a powerful 250-gpm pump. The welded aluminum body measures 95.5 inches by 111 inches and offers more than 54 cubic feet of storage space.

For more information go to www.piercemfg.com.

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