Sutphen 100-Foot Tower Ladder

The Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company recently placed a 2014 Sutphen 100′ Tower Ladder in service as as Tower 6. The rig is a 2014 Sutphen Monarch SPH 100 foot midmount tower ladder. The truck is powered by a 500-hp Cummins engine and an Allison transmission. The unit is equipped with a six-person cab, a 2,000-gpm Hale pump, and carries 340 gallons of water. Also on board is a 10-kW Smart Power generator and an all LED Whelen lighting package including scene lights.

The truck carries 700 feet of five-inch supply line, one 200-foot 2½-inch handline, one 250-foot 1¾-inch handline, one 200-foot 1¾-inch handline, and one 150-foot 1¾-inch handline off the front bumper. This unit carries 172 feet of ground ladders and a complement of hand tools. The unit also carries a Stokes basket, backboard, and basic life support medical supplies. Also on the truck is a ISG Infrasys thermal imaging camera and a Scott Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) bag. Other tools include two K-12 saws, one Quick-Vent saw, one chain saw, a battery and electric powered positive pressure fan, and one negative pressure fan. Photo by Nevin Steffy.



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