Pierce Ascendant 107-Foot Aerial Ladder

The Pierce Ascendant 107-foot aerial ladder features a weight optimized design structure, high-strength steel, custom tubing, and unique gusseting that place weight and mass only where required. The aerial delivers a full 107-foot vertical reach and a 100-foot horizontal reach with an operating range from -10º to +77º. Its 100-foot horizontal reach is an astounding 32-feet greater than a typical single-rear-axle aerial. The Pierce Ascendant is available on a wide range of Pierce custom chassis, including the Arrow XT™, Velocity®, Impel® and Enforcer™.

Built with 100,000 psi minimal yield strength steel support elements, the all-new design features a 1,500 gpm tip flow, a 750 lb dry tip load capacity, a 35 mph wind rating, and a ¼-inch ice rating.  The space-saving design allows for a capacity of 115 feet of ground ladders, 2,500-pounds of equipment, a 500-gallon water tank, and a pump of up to 2,000 gpm.



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