Perryville (KY) Fire Department Accepts New Truck Bids, Ponders Station Relocation

Chief Anthony Young said the department's current (and only) truck is around 21 years old.

According to a report from The Advocate-Messenger, the Perryville, Kentucky, City Council will now allow the Perryville Fire Department (PFD) to advertise for bids for a new fire truck, which would be one of the town’s largest expenses in the past 20 years.

PFD Chief Anthony Young said the department’s current (and only) truck is around 21 years old, which will cause issues when it’s out of service for repairs, as was the case last month. Young the city will put a public notice in the Advocate-Messenger advertising for bids for a new fire truck.

Another topic of the March 4 council meeting was the potential relocation of the PFD’s station. Perryville is considering expanding city hall, where the PFD is already conducting much of its training, to incorporate the fire station. At its current location about 10 feet from the river, the existing fire station is facing some structural issues. Young also said that the building is at least 70 years old and is “small and cramped.”

Young said the PFD is also concerned with the station’s location, which is close to the river, making it susceptible to floods.

Adding the fire station to city hall would allow the city to consolidate utility and phone bills and insurance payments, which would save the city money. In addition, the city also wouldn’t need to buy a second property since it already owns City Hall.

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