Perrysburg (OH) Officials Consider Relocating Fire Station

Perrysburg is examining whether to relocate its fire station or add a second station.

Residents have clamored for a second station for the last six months at Perrysburg City Council meetings. The city has one station at 201 W. Indiana Ave. The fire department has 23, and soon 24, full-time firefighters and 12 part-time firefighters.

The city has a population of 21,400, about 1,000 more residents than the city of Oregon, which has three fire stations. Annexations and new developments have kept Perrysburg growing, especially in its southwest area.

The Perrysburg department answered 2,118 fire, EMS, and nonemergency calls last year, down from 2,212 the year before.

Maumee, which has about 7,000 fewer residents than Perrysburg, did a similar fire station study a decade ago that resulted in moving its main station to Illinois Street.

The new station was larger to accommodate staff and was placed in a better spot to respond to all parts of the city.

Maumee technically has a second station, but that is primarily used for offices and storage, including for a fire engine.

Perrysburg administrators are trying to determine whether to add a station, move the current one, expand the current one, or open a partial station with just an EMS crew, said Bridgette Kabat, city administrator.

Maumee’s fire station covers 10.6 square miles and serves 14,100 people. Oregon’s three stations cover 12.68 square miles and each station serves about 6,700 people. Bowling Green has two stations, with each covering 6.3 square miles and 15,500 residents. In Sylvania and Sylvania Township, covered by one fire department with four stations, each station covers 6.6 square miles and 11,400 people.

By contrast, Perrysburg has one station to cover 11.5 square miles and serve its 21,400 residents.

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