Pelican Adds Case to Micro Series

Pelican has added the 1015 Micro Case to its Micro Series, which fit a variety of small items such as cell phones, PDAs, pagers, small electronics, hand-held instruments and other sensitive devices. 

The product’s rubber liner doubles as a weather-resistant seal and as a shock absorber with a series of curved bumpers lining the perimeter. A polymer latch and stainless steel hinge keep the case closed when dropped, and a polymer shell protects the case’s contents from heat and chemicals. 

The item fastens securely to a belt loop or backpack. Also available is the i1015 case, which is built to protect the iPhone, iPod Touch and other smart phones. It features a clear lid that allows the user to watch videos or check the playlist without opening the case. An external headphone allows listening to music or Podcasts while the case is closed.

For information about the case, go to

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