Pecan Valley Begins Buying Fire Equipment to Establish a Volunteer Fire Department

Residents of the Pecan Valley neighborhood are attempting to establish a volunteer fire department to serve the fast-growing area between Lawton and Cache.

The department, which supporters say would provide improved fire protection and response to other emergencies, would operate under the name of the Pecan Creek Volunteer Fire Department.

The area, in the vicinity of Northwest 112th Street and Cache Road, has about 650 homes. Efforts to establish a volunteer fire department for the area are being undertaken following recent structure fires that destroyed two homes in the area.

Resident Larry Cotton said some of those needs include creating a non-profit organization status for the department, setting up bank accounts and obtaining equipment from other departments’ surplus items. 

He said the department has already made arrangements to purchase some surplus equipment from departments in Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. Equipment to be purchased includes radios, hoses, respirators and air tanks.

Cotton said the establishment of the department will decrease insurance premiums by as much as 40 percent.

The neighborhood is currently served by the Cache Fire Department, which has a response time of eight minutes to the Pecan Valley area. A proposal by Pecan Valley residents for the City of Cache expand its own fire department to serve Pecan Valley was rejected by Cache City Council members last April; council members suggested Pecan Valley residents establish their own fire department.

Pecan Valley residents also pay fees to the City of Cache for fire protection along with other residents served by the Cache Volunteer Fire Department. Cotton said it would be necessary for the new Pecan Creek department to charge fees to meet operational and equipment expenses.

Cotton said a total of $30,000 will be needed in donations to establish the new department and only a few thousand dollars has been raised so far. The department plans to hold a fundraiser event in November. Donations to the proposed department are considered to be tax deductible, he said.

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