Pawnee Rock Council (KS) Considers New Fire Apparatus

The City of Pawnee Rock city council met Monday night and continued to wrestle with the details of acquiring a somewhat newer truck.

Currently, the city uses a 1966 2.5 ton truck to haul its 800-gallon tank to fight fires in the area.  

“When you call around for parts, and people ask you if you’re restoring it, you know you need to get a new truck,” said Galen Zortman, the assistant chief of the city’s volunteer fire department.

He and Pawnee Rock Fire Chief Barry Jack have worked out a trade for a 5-ton M925 truck built in the late 1980s to replace the antique.  But the newer truck will be taller, and it will need to be painted, all of which will cost money, and money is in short supply.  

After a series of questions from council members, it became clear that Jack and Zortman have yet to determine with absolute certainty if it will fit through the overhead door of the fire house.  Written estimates and a cost analysis are also needs identified by the council before they give the nod to move ahead on the project.   

ccording to Jack, the door has a maximum clearance of 10 feet. The height of the truck at its highest point is nine and a half feet.  Neither man is certain if the tank will sit higher when it’s attached or not. They also aren’t certain if the emergency light bar from the 1966 truck will be too tall.  If so, a different lighting option will be necessary.

Paint, too, is a question. In order to save the city money, the fire department is ready to paint the newer truck themselves, and provided a loose estimate for paint bought locally and applied by sprayer. Council president Deb Bader, however, had many questions about how and where the painting would be done, and if primer and activator would be needed. Jack said the paint would not require either, as it came ready to apply.  

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