Pasadena (CA) Wants Pumper Fire Apparatus

The Pasadena Fire Department is seeking approval from the City Council to purchase a new 2019 Seagrave model DB50CT Capitol Pumper to replace a Pierce brand pumper which has already logged over 161,000 miles of service with the department.

The new truck would be part of the fire department’s fleet of 13 pumpers, eight of which are frontline pumpers and five are reserve.

The pumper would cost $968,621, according to an Agenda Report prepared by the Department of Public Works for Monday’s City Council meeting.

Public Works said the fire department chose to acquire a Seagrave pumper because of its dependability and standard two-year warranty. The pumper is designed with the “clean cab” design concept, which limits the exposure of toxic carcinogens through the implementation of nonporous interior cab design finish and improved ventilation

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