PA’s United Fire Company Receives New Community-Backed Truck

United Fire Company in Montrose received its new custom-built apparatus, Rescue 1, made possible through community fundraising.

According to a report from PA Homepage, United Fire Company (UFC) in Montrose, Pennsylvania, received its new custom-built apparatus, Rescue 1, which was made possible through community fundraising.

Paul Johnson, UFC’s Second Assistant Chief, said the new truck offers more functionality and space, featuring new LED lights, greater cabin seating, and additional storage for the UFC’s equipment.

In addition, the LED lights will be more energy efficient on the battery, motor, and generator while sitting idle at a scene, an improvement over the incandescent lights on its current 1992 Rescue.

The department decided it would “go new” two years ago after they had no luck in its search for an adequate used truck. A Rescue Replacement Committee was formed. Less than one year ago, they began to assemble the $500,000 vehicle. The final product of their work arrived on Sunday.

Volunteers will begin training on the new truck shortly, with a plan to have the Rescue in service sometime in April. UFC will then look to take out of service or outright sell its previous vehicles.

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