Parts Delayed for Hibernia (NJ) Fire Apparatus Repair

Township officials contacted a Pennsylvania equipment company last week regarding delays in the repair schedule for a Hibernia Fire Co. pumper truck that has been out of service for more than a year.

Township Administrator Gregory J. Poff said the age and unique nature of the vehicle — designed to carry up to 2,500 gallons of water — required replacement parts to be custom-fabricated before the repairs can commence, resulting in unexpected delays.

The rig’s large water capacity is particularly useful in the rural outskirts of the township where water sources are hard to come by.

The vehicle, described on the Hibernia company website as a 1998 Spartan/RD Murray 1250 Pumper, had been in service for 15 years before being sidelined on Nov. 25, 2013, according to Poff. Township officials at the time decided to repair the truck, estimating costs at “less than $175,000” compared to an estimated replacement cost of $550,000.

After determining the specific work needed, bond ordinances were adopted in June 2014 to re-appropriate $60,320 to fund the repairs, and another $10,650 for the purchase of a pre-owned reserve pumper from Rockaway borough. The authorized repairs include new rear suspension, a new drive shaft, new tires and rims.

Bids were opened for the repair job in August of 2014 and the contract was awarded by resolution the next month to Kovatch Mobile Equipment Corp of Nesquehoning, Pa. The resolution listed the condition that the repair cost would not exceed $54,511.

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