Paradise Town CA Approves Fire Apparatus Purchase

The Paradise Town Council (CA) has approved the purchase of a new ladder truck for fire services, along with a vote to take the final step in the transition to Cal Fire services.

The ladder truck, a 1987 SPI Quint Ladder Truck, will be purchased from the City of Marysville at the cost of $30,000. That total will be paid off over three years in installments of $10,000, with the first year’s payment coming from the fire equipment fund

The truck will prove enhanced fire coverage for tall buildings in Paradise, possible improvements or stabilizations in local property tax evaluations because of that coverage and the fact that a new truck would cost at least $500,000, if not nearly double that.

The truck will incur some additional costs because it may need minor modifications and will need a new coat of paint.

The council also voted unanimously to approve the delivery of a promissory note to Cal Fire on the payments of post-retirement medical coverage for Paradise firefighters transferring to the agency. The total cost of the agreement is $747,471.60 to be paid over 10 years at an interest rate of .382 percent.

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