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Apparatus Requirements: Looking Ahead To 2020 (Part 2)

The economic forces of supply and demand are leading us to an era of smaller fire trucks.

Proceed With Caution When Technology Beckons

There are many examples where the early introduction of technology proved to be very frustrating.

Review The NFPA Apparatus Standard To Reduce Costs

The NFPA apparatus standard should be reviewed to be sure that each item is still relevant and that the benefit and cost is justified.

Emergency Vehicle Driver Distractions

With all the devices that can distract other drivers, you would think we don't need any of our own.

Kudos To The Foam Convert

I want to pass along my kudos to Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment magazine for publishing the column by Capt. Raul Angulo in the September issue titled "Confessions Of A Foam Convert." I hope those in departments across the country who have not recognized the value of Class A foam read it and also become converts.

Test Driving Hurst’s New eDRAULIC Tools

The new line of eDRAULIC (electric over hydraulic) tools from Hurst Jaws of Life created quite a stir among the training participants.

Class A Foam: The Smart Thing To Do (Part 3)

Seattle uses a product that takes all the guesswork out of using foam. You could say it's "foolproof."

Braun Names N.Y. And Vermont Dealer

Braun Industries, Inc has named North Eastern Rescue Vehicles as an authorized dealer of its custom, handcrafted ambulances for New York and Vermont.

Fire Engineering iPhone App Is Now Available

Fire Engineering is offering the industry's first comprehensive fire service training and information application for the iPhone.

For Firefighters, The Two-Way Radio Is A Critical Lifeline

Researchers and designers work closely with firefighters to develop the next generation of radios.

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