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Fire Departments Embrace Pierce Frontal Airbag Option

In the spring of 1996, the Chesapeake (Va.) Fire Department lost two firefighters - John R. Hudgins Jr. and Frank E. Young - who were fighting a fire inside an auto parts store when its truss roof collapsed.

Trailers Hitch Up To NFPA Standards

Until a few years ago, there were very few trailers in the fire service.

Safety Is Not A Personal Choice

Without a doubt, protecting the firefighter from harm is the number one priority of every fire department. There are many programs today designed to make sure that "Everyone Goes Home."

Fire Safety Technology

The unexpected resignation and retirement of Federal Signal Corporation's president and chief executive officer Robert D. Welding on Jan. 1 might just be enough to launch its subsidiary, apparatus manufacturer E-ONE, into an era of stability and growth.

Turnout Pocket Tools Are Personal Choices

Firefighters are a lot like little boys - they carry lots of cool stuff in their pockets and love showing it off.

Holmatro, Amkus, Darley Display Innovative Products

Rescue tools, water purifiers, polypropylene toolboxes and turnout gear were among some of the innovative products exhibited at last month’s annual Fire Department Instructors Conference.


One of the advantages of being in a large metropolitan fire department is the opportunity to ride on different apparatus. Though you may be assigned to an engine company, you can be assigned to a ladder company for the shift due to trades, overtime and other staffing issues.

FDIC Observations From A ‘Truck Nut’

Attendees at this year's Fire Department Instructors Conference exceeded 27,400 according to Eric Schlett, executive director of the event held in Indianapolis.

Crimson Fire Completes 5-Year Contract With Chicago

Five heavy-duty, triple combination pumpers built by Crimson Fire have been put in service with the Chicago Fire Department.

Majority Of New Pumpers Are Equipped With Class A Foam

The fire service is often notoriously slow to adopt changes, but 15 years after Class A foam started to appear as a factory option on new fire apparatus, the majority of new pumpers being delivered today are equipped with foam proportioners and Class A foam concentrate tanks.

Fire Apparatus