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Packexe SMASH
Traditional methods of glass management consist of hard and soft protection (body shields and blankets) and have always proved to be a two or three person job. The key focus has been to break the glass whilst attempting to reduce the risk of injury from glass fragments for all those involved.

Packexe SMASHPackexe Ltd has designed a product to support glass management and transformed the extrication process. 

The application of Packexe SMASH increases the strength of glass by approximately 42% greatly reducing the risk of breakage. By reinforcing the glass, Packexe SMASH has eliminated the need to forcibly break and remove the glass. 

Packexe SMASH saves crucial time for the Fire and Rescue Service and can be completed by one person, helping to streamline the extrication process. It is recommended that Packexe SMASH is applied to all glass identified as a risk upon arrival at a road traffic collision, managing glass before extrication starts.Packexe SMASH

John K Evans, President, ESI Equipment, USA says, “Packexe has significantly changed glass management in many situations, the product is unbelievable. Packexe has created a protocol that can be used in any type of scenario involving glass. We are currently using the word ‘revolutionise’ when describing Packexe SMASH. Basically it is a specific and unique tool for a specific purpose, no matter who uses it, whether it is the police, fire service or any emergency service, they will use it for glass management. Packexe protocol has created glass management.”  

Paul Maynard, Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service (RBFRS) UK explained, “Packexe SMASH has changed the face of glass management at RTCs. The RBFRS Extrication team have used Packexe SMASH in challenges all over the world in all weather conditions and in every conceivable scenario. It is an excellent product, unique in its simplicity and when applied correctly mitigates the ever-present hazard posed by all types of glass in RTCs. It can be used in all weather conditions … with the minimum fuss and maximum impact!”

Multi-usage tool for glass managementPackexe SMASH

Packexe SMASH is a time critical glass management product that can be used for many situations the Fire and Rescue Service attend, not just for extrication.
Packexe SMASH has also been utilised for entry into a high-rise glass building by a Fire Brigade within the UK. High rise buildings can present unique problems to the Fire and Rescue Service. The removal of casualties in a high rise building may involve breaking a window and vertical transportation over a considerable distance.
Breaking windows, either plate, tempered or double glazing, at a high level creates a serious hazard for the Fire and Rescue Service to control. Debris can increase the risk in injuring the casualty further, as well as the general public and other emergency services below. By using Packexe SMASH, glass fragments will be kept to a minimum with the ability to remove and dispose of with ease, allowing the emergency services team to be vigilant of the safety of all those involved, casualties and themselves. 

Packexe CEO, Andrew Orchard recently visited North Carolina, to demonstrate how Packexe SMASH can be used for extrication and high rise entry into a building. The high rise entry demonstration took place on double glazed windows, presenting how versatile the product is. Andrew Orchard says
“The trip was a great fact finding opportunity demonstrating the effect Packexe SMASH has on double glazing. Each pane of glass was taken out piece by piece. The product performed perfectly.” 

The effectiveness of Packexe SMASH has raised questions about how the use of the unique self-adhesive film could benefit other tasks and situations. James R. Artz, ESI Equipment, New Holland says
“Glass Management, in my 28 Years of Fire Service has been nominal at best. Duct Tape, Spray on Adhesives, Contact Paper has all proven to be ineffective. To me Packexe SMASHs highlight was its ability to maintain tempered glass in the window frame. IMPRESSIVE!”

Packexe SMASH is now in service in over 20 countries including Germany, USA, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and Canada. The representation and position of Packexe SMASH is becoming stronger and stronger. 

Although designed primarily for the Fire and Rescue Service, Packexe SMASH has been identified as an important aid for glass control by all emergency services. 

Packexe Ltd now wants to take Packexe SMASH to the next level and into a new market, Andrew Orchard says, “We want to trial the effect of Packexe SMASH on window glass when put under pressure of a hurricane and a tornado experience. If the glass does break, Packexe SMASH should hold the fragments together protecting individuals and equipment from flying glass. Keeping the glass confined to the adhesive qualities of Packexe SMASH will allow a quicker, safer and easier clean up in a distressed situation.”   

Packexe SMASH® Time Critical Glass Management:

             Enabling fast and safe vehicle extrication
•             Purpose designed adhesive to hold glass in place
•             Protects the rescue team and casualty from glass fragments and dust
•             Strengthens glass, averaging a 42% reduced risk of glass breaking
•             Glass can stay in place
•             One person process
•             Maintains visibility for casualty and rescuer
•             Easy to dispose of glass
•             Enhances existing good glass management practices

 Standard kit comprises of:

             Dispenser with 50m perforated film
•             Hand held roll with 50m non perforated film
•             Safety cutter
•             Craft knife
•             Squeegee
•             Absorbent cloth
•             Draw string bag

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