Pacbrake PRXB Exhaust Brake Is Designed For Low RPMs

Pacbrake exhaust brakes
Pacbrake exhaust brakes fit over 200 heavy-duty vocational, recreational and automotive applications. The PRXB exhaust brake is designed to give more braking power at lower RPMs.

Pacbrake’s PRXB exhaust brake offers the best hold back at lower engine RPMs compared to competitive products, according to the maker.

The patented PRXB is stronger than other exhaust brakes producing up to 50 percent more braking power at lower engine speeds allowing drivers to use their exhaust brakes in the RPM range where they typically drive the most, says Pacbrake.

Pacbrake’s exclusive Arcor Nitride coating helps prevent corrosion, maintain lubricity and minimize brake maintenance making it longer lasting than the competition, according to the maker.

According to Pacbrake, the PRXB is safer because it is specifically designed within the engine’s capabilities, and equipped with a backpressure limiter which regulates the exhaust back-pressure to protect against engine overpressure.

The patented 90 degree non-contacting butterfly valve is more reliable as it is engineered to eliminate sticking.

Based in Seattle, Wash., Pacbrake was founded by the Meneely family in 1964 and it has grown to become one of the most recognized leaders in engine, exhaust and combination brake manufacturing.

In 1983 the first engine brakes began to roll off the assembly line and it continues to build products for Caterpillar, Cummins and Detroit Diesel, Cummins, and Navistar.

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