Outdated Fire Equipment Increases Fire Risk in Australian Region

The Hepburn Rural Fire Brigade (Australia) is advocating for updated equipment.

At the moment, they work from a 40-year-old shed and with a 23-year-old fire truck. The CFA will provide a new state-of-the-art truck but it is too big for the tin shed. They think a new fire station is needed in Hepburn Springs.

This month, Hepburn councillors turned down the fire station.

The CFA have bought the land and funding for the building is approved. Now the CFA have to take this to VCAT and it will cost Hepburn Shire financially.

More importantly, the CFA cannot start the building until the VCAT process is finished. That is one more summer that we go out to fires with dated equipment from a tin shed that is not big enough to store all the safety gear we need. That is one more summer of higher risk than should have been.

A lot of work was done to make sure the new fire station fitted in with its surrounds. Planning officers gave due credit. Arrangements were made and approved for washing trucks at Daylesford so water use at Hepburn Springs would be minimal and run-off negligible.

For more information, view www.hepburnadvocate.com.au

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