Oshkosh (WI) Debuts Custom-Built Fire Apparatus

Engine 16 is the newest truck in the fleet of the Oshkosh Fire Department (WI). It is a combination heavy rescue and pumper truck.

The truck, which cost the city $483,784, is fully equipped for firefighting, but it is also outfitted for incidents where individuals may be trapped, such as vehicle crashes or industrial accidents, and rescue equipment is needed.

“Now we truly have a backup for our heavy rescue,” Oshkosh Fire Chief Tim Franz said. “We will have the equipment in more than one location and this will be located near Highway 41, where it will be the first in for vehicle accidents on the highway.”

The 36-foot long truck replaces a 1991 pumper truck that the fire department has taken out of service and will try to sell.

The department ordered the vehicle from Pierce Manufacturing in November and the finished product was delivered to the department in early April. The truck went into service in mid-May.

The department initially started looking at purchasing a combination truck last year when the city budget called for the elimination of five firefighters who staffed the department’s heavy rescue vehicle. While changes were made in the budget to keep the firefighters on staff, the department continued to explore the combination vehicle in order to have a second truck outfitted with the rescue equipment at another location in the city.

Custom built to meet the specifications of the Oshkosh Fire Department, no other vehicle built by Pierce Manufacturing is exactly like it.
The compartments on one side of the truck are dedicated to extrication equipment while the other side is for equipment used during fires. There is additional storage on top of the truck. Each piece of equipment that is stowed within the compartments has its own place and is strapped down to ensure it doesn’t shift while the truck is in motion.

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