Orion Township (MI) Fire Department Seek Fire Equipment

The Orion Township Fire Department still needs a new aerial fire truck, an ambulance, updated turnout gear and other critical equipment as a result of the failed fire capital and equipment millage on the August 5 primary ballot. 

But, the board will not seek to build a new fire hall in Lake Orion Village as projected previously in the failed millage campaign voted down in the August primary.  With a unanimous decision last week, township board members modified what they are seeking now from voters.

In the special meeting held on August 12 township board members voted to place a 0.6 millage request on the November 4, 2014 general election ballot for purchasing critical fire equipment.

The millage would generate approximately $4.3 million depending on property values. This is about $2 million less than what was sought in the failed August 5 vote.

After what township officials said was some careful consideration and feedback from community members, the township decided to shave off the $2 million which would have replaced Fire Station #1, supervisor Chris Barnett said.

The township’s original plan was to build a new station on Atwater St. which will now be vacant until properly budgeted for in the future.

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