Oneonta (NY) Council Debates Buying Fire Apparatus


Two fire trucks available for the city to purchase would replace decades-old equipment and provide certified ladder rescue equipment.

The Oneonta Common Council will consider a motion tonight to spend $989,000 for a Ferrera 100 Mid Mount Platform fire truck. A $200,000 payment would be made from the 2014 general fund budget, officials said, and the city would finance the balance through Community Leasing Partners for a term of 10 years

A motion to buy a second truck isn’t on the agenda for tonight’s meeting, which is to be in Common Council Chambers at City Hall at 7.

Oneonta Mayor Dick Miller said the fire chief was asked to investigate and report on buying the two vehicles.

No. 1641 is a 1987 95-foot ladder truck without pump capabilities, according to the department’s website. No. 1611 is a 1992 engine with a 65-foot elevated water way.

Oneonta Fire Chief Patrick Pidgeon said the Ferrera 100 Mid Mount Platform fire truck has a ladder certified for use to rescue victims from high locations as well as capacity to pump water. The truck also has enclosed cab space in back for firefighters, he said.

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