One-Inch QUIC-STRAP from Zico

YARDLEY, PA—Zico has added QUIC-STRAP 1” Variable Straps. With five different lengths to choose from, this new, thinner line is suitable for securing smaller equipment, shelf slots, and compartment cubbyholes.

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Constructed of the same heavy-duty materials as the wider 2” cousins, these hook-and-loop straps provide extraordinary holding power for their size. Pliable nylon gets more of each strap against even the most oddly-shaped tools and equipment, increasing the active surface area for better, more secure retention at a cost-effective price.

All-weather and UV-resistant, QUIC-STRAPs are able to withstandharsh conditions for years of dependable service both indoors and out.

Available now. Each strap includes two 1” zinc Footman’s Loops for easy installation. For more information,

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