Onboard Apparatus Video Capture System

Fusion HD on-board video capture systeThe Fusion HD on-board video capture system is a secure, high-definition technology deployed inside apparatus and ambulance cabs to capture incidents for training, debriefings, and court cases; document response patterns; and provide visual evidence to refute civilian complaints about apparatus operations. With the Fusion HD unit,everything will be recorded for later review through the internal FailSafe drive. The FailSafe drive allows senior staff to review video captured hours and days earlier. The compact and self-contained Fusion HD has an internal GPS to encode vehicle speeds and GPS coordinates when video is captured; includes a crash sensor to automatically trigger video with unlimited pre-event and post-event playback, and can be moved among vehicles. Fusion HD has solid-state architecture with video storage under the security of a locking mechanism for the removable media drive. A custom programmable function button allows for video bookmarking.  The back-office software for Fusion HD is a permission-based application that limits system access to only critical personnel.

For more information, visit http://www.cobantech.com/www/fusionhd2.html.

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