Oldie but a Goodie: 96-Year-Old Madison (FL) Truck Running Again

Purchased by the city of Madison (FL) 96 years ago, the American LaFrance Model 75 truck still sits in town—despite the fact that the last fire it fought was the Precision Warehouse fire in the 1960s, reports greenpublishing.com.

The truck—a triple combination pumping, chemical, and hose car—has a six-cylinder gasoline motor and a 750-gallon-per-minute pump, with a sodium bicarbonate chemical tank and hose reel. It was refurbished by the Madison Fire Department (MFD) almost 20 years ago, with new paint, lettering and striping, new reproduction tires, and a reupholstered seat.

A pair of MFD firefighters, Sean Evans and Ben Williams, recently decided to get the old apparatus running again—which they did following its 15-year slumber. Their next mission is to get the pump operating again.

Check it out in action here.

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