Old Sturbridge Village (MA) to Host Antique Fire Apparatus Showcase

Old Sturbridge Village will celebrate firefighters during a showcase of vintage fire engines and live fireman’s muster on July 19.

The historical site will play host to a collection of antique fire engines, a fireman’s muster, vintage ice cream making and a chili contest throughoutthe day on Saturday during the “Fire & Ice” event. In honor of current firefighters, admission will be half-price for firefighters while children younger than 17 years will be free when accompanied by one adult.

The firefighting equipment on hand will range from early hand-pumpers that were pulled to the fire by the firefighters to a 1925 Stutz fire truck. Both will be showcased during a parade of fire equipment through the village.

“Hand pumping was exhausting work and required many volunteers to work the pump,” officials said in a statement. “Without fire hydrants in early America, lines of citizens called a bucket brigade passed water buckets hand to hand to keep the hand tubs filled.”

The day will feature bucket brigade competitions and visitors, especially children, are welcome to participate. The day will also have Junior Firefighters and Fire Explorer Scouts competing in the only sanctioned fire muster for their age group in the Northeast.

For more information, view www.masslive.com



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