Old Greer (SC) Fire Apparatus Restored

A 1941 Chevy pumper fire truck has been restored and now sits inside the Greer fire station on Hood Road.

The vehicle, equipped with antique gadgets and equipments, offers a glimpse of what it was like trying to save lives in eras past.

Classic features include the original solid brass nozzle, wooden ladders and hoses used to draft water out of a pond or lake for the truck’s pump.

“It was a manual transmission and a gasoline engine,” City of Greer Fire Chief Chris Harvey said. Today, most fire trucks are automatic transmission and diesel engines. Another big difference is that it only has two outlets — one on each side of the truck as opposed to modern vehicles which have about four to six outlets on each side.

The truck recently has been restored to its former glory with the help of private donations from individuals and businesses. It will serve as a vehicle of education for the public, said Harvey.

“It’s just a great piece of our history,” Harvey said. “We’re glad to have it back and look forward to sharing it with the community at events. It’ll be in the Christmas parade this year.”

The truck was originally bought brand new by the City of Greer in 1941 and served the city into the early 1980s. After that, it was sold and purchased a few times by local businessmen, the last of which donated the vehicle back to the department.

It took months of fundraising and searching for different parts before it was ready. The department was able to raise more than $11,000 thanks to many who donated money and labor.

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