Olathe MO Crew Uses Virtual Fire Truck to Make Drivers Safer

The Olathe Fire Department (MO) is using a fire truck driving simulator in an attempt to avoid accidents by making drivers safer.

The simulator allows participants to drive over 100 miles with controls that are set up like the department’s trucks.

“What we have is a driving simulator, we can set individuals up in a virtual world so if there’s mistakes to be had we can do it on the machine and learn by the mistakes,” said Ed Reschke, the chief of training for the Olathe Fire Department.

The Olathe Fire Department has had the simulator for about a year now and this is the second class to go through the program.

The simulator was purchased with a grant from FEMA for $140,000 and can also simulate ambulances and other emergency response vehicles.

For more information, view www.kctv5.com

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