Oakhurt (OK) Out of Service with Lost Fire Apparatus

Oakhurst’s (OK) one and only fire truck is out of commission in part because of an accident.

The truck has an issue with its brakes.

Assistant Chief Mike Blancett was driving the truck when, “I started hitting the breaks; I had nothing, so I just had to go through the field.”

Straight toward I-44. He knocked over the fence, leading him into oncoming traffic.

Right now if there is a fire in Oakhurst, Tulsa, Berryhill or Sapulpa have to respond, which takes extra time.

The department is looking to replace the truck just as soon as possible, but that will cost at least $10,000.

They will be grateful for any donations from the public.

If you want to help you can send checks to: Box 777 Oakhurst, OK. 74050.

You can also call (918)445-1442, or you can go to the department’s next SRPW pro wrestling fundraising event. It’s 7:30 p.m. Oct. 12th. Admission is $5, kids are free.

For more information, view www.fox23.com

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