Oak Grove MN Approves Order for New Fire Apparatus

Oak Grove City Council (MN) members voted to authorize the order of a new tanker and pumper truck for the fire department.

Rosenbauer Minnesota LLC will build the new truck, which is expected for use in 10 to 12 months with additional capacity to bring larger crews and their gear to calls. The truck will replace a 20-year-old department tanker, which has been used only for storing water.

“We looked for a versatile truck,” Fire Chief Curt Hallermann told the council. “It adds a lot of flexibility that we currently do not have.”

The council approved a payment of up to $375,000 from a Fire Equipment Acquisition Fund (Rosenbauer proposed an early total of $368,952). The fire capital fund currently holds $1.07 million.

Oak Grove will be getting a red tanker and pumper that will match the rigs from other communities, “the Anoka County colors,” better than the city’s yellow tanker, Hallermann said.

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