Northvale (NJ) Take Delivery of Fire Apparatus

Residents came together for the Northvale Fire Department Engine 262 “Wetdown,” on Aug. 29 at the borough’s firehouse.

The purpose of the event was for local firefighters to officially welcome a new engine into their station while inviting members of the community to join in the celebration.

Siren sounds went off and fire hoses were locked in place as the new engine made its way to the firehouse parking lot.

The residents cheered on as they saw their local firefighters in action.

“It’s important to show the residents of Northvale where their tax dollars are going and it’s also an opportunity for the residents to wish us well,” said Tony Ubl, president of the Northvale Fire Association.

The “wetdown” also attracted members from other area fire departments to show their support.

According to Mayor Ed Piehler, the purchase of the new engine was a team effort that involved the borough council, members of the Fire Department, and a fire engine expert.

This event was also a family reunion for many retired firemen.

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