Northfield (MA) Agrees to Deal for Fire Apparatus

As long as Northfield pays half the money before the truck is built, it will cost $449,859, $141 under the amount allocated for the engine.

Pierce Manufacturing’s original bid was $459,289, and the Fire Department was able to shave about $3,400 from that price by getting rid of a few nonessential options on the vehicle.

The truck will not include an automatic emergency shutdown system originally proposed. The system would cut the air supply to the truck’s diesel engine if it entered an “enriched atmosphere” containing combustible vapors. Unlike gasoline engines, a diesel engine can only be shut down by cutting off their fuel or air supply. However, said Fire Chief Skip Dunnell, the truck can be shut down in an emergency by blocking the grill-mounted air intake by hand.

That grill will be made of stainless steel, rather than the more expensive chrome proposed by Pierce. The truck’s rims will also be downgraded, with steel rims in place of the more costly aluminum rims in the original bid.

Pierce agreed to take another $6,570 off the truck’s price if the town will pay in two installments, one before the truck is built and the balance due after a satisfactory inspection of the delivered truck.

The town saved up for the fire truck for several years, with $100,000 each approved by the 2014, 2013 and 2011 annual town meetings, and $150,000 by the 2012 annual town meeting.

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