Northampton EMS Upgrading Apparatus

The Northampton County Board of Commissioners have approved a bid for the purchase of ambulances and cardiac monitors to equip the vehicles.

The board approved the lease purchase of two new ambulances from Northwestern Emergency Vehicles for $128,545 each as well as two new cardiac monitors from Physio Control for $73,703.
One of the ambulances and cardiac monitor will be used for the Milwaukee EMS Substation, while the other vehicle and monitor will replace an existing ambulance in the county’s fleet.

According to information provided by County EMS Director Charles Joyner, three bids were received by the county for the purchase of ambulances, including Northwestern, Select Custom Apparatus ($129,591) and First Class Fire Apparatus ($104,923).

Joyner noted that while First Class Fire Apparatus was the lowest bid, he recommended the county purchase the vehicles through Northwestern despite a $23,000 difference between the two.

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