North Platte (NE) Fire Apparatus Hit While at Accident Scene

The North Platte Fire Department responded to a car accident on interstate 80 on Saturday. But, when they were checking on patients, their fire truck was also hit and sustained a yet estimated amount of damage.

“A semi truck came through, lost control, and went perpendicular to the interstate and smashed into the back of our fire truck,” Said North Platte Battalion Chief Jason Trimble.

Trimble, who was on the scene, says the fire truck moved about 10 feet, but no one else was hit by the semi. The first responders had strategically set up their trucks for protection.

“When we respond to an accident the first thing we look for is where is the car and how can we position our fire truck or ambulance to protect the people that are still in the car or exiting the car,” said Trimble.

The fire department says the truck was the primary one used to respond to car crashes. Trimble says the back bumper is damaged, as well as, the water tank. However, the department says their trucks are insured.

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