North Lyon County NV to Display Fire Apparatus Advertising

Fire trucks and ambulances in the North Lyon County Fire District will soon feature advertisements.

“We’re getting to the point where it’s any means necessary to maintain what we have,” said Fire Chief Scott Huntley. “If we do this advertising in a tasteful manner, it’s with entities [and] businesses that fit our mission. It makes sense.”

Businesses that promote health, public safety or rebuilding after a fire will be considered and approved by the Public Safety Advertising Agency, the company helping North Lyon County Fire roll out the ads.

The fire station is largely funded by property taxes and Huntley said the assessed valuation in the community dropped 41 percent.

There are two aged fire trucks they would like to replace. The fire station has not replaced an engine since the 1990s, and they hope the money will go instead to equipment. Personal protection equipment is the first thing they believe will better services.

Public Safety Advertising Agency started last year in Arizona after seeing public safety agencies nationwide struggle in the downward economy. Chief Operating Officer Chad Draeos saw success with the Apache Junction Fire Station. “They have six fire trucks that they used,” said Draeos. “And what they brought into their district and what they were able to give back to their community was just over $94,000 per year.”

North Lyon County ambulances are on the road 120,000 miles a years, and public safety advertising estimates the district could pull in an extra $20,000 a year from advertising. Eighty percent of advertising fees go back directly to the fire station.

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