Norfolk Lions Club CT Ambulance Gets Donation for Equipment

Four months ago, the Norfolk Lions Club Ambulance receiving a grant. This story led to the company receiving a large donation from the Auxiliary for Community Health, a Winsted based organization formed to support community health efforts.

Norfolk Lions Club Ambulance operates its company on donations and is cost-free to the people served by the ambulance.

In the January 3 article, Christopher Little, deputy chief for the company said that they planned to use the grant towards purchasing a Stryker power load, a piece of equipment that would lift the gurney up into the ambulance. Little said that the new equipment would cost about $15,000.

“The [Stryker Power-LOAD] uses hydraulics to lift the patient and the stretcher into the back of the ambulance,” said Little.

Shortly after the article about the grant ran, Little received a call from Milly Hudak the president of the Auxiliary for Community Health.

“We’re so lucky. We get a lot of support from the community but the grants really help us out,” said Little. “To get $21,000 all in one grant was breathtaking.”

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