No Explanation Yet for Portland OR Fire Apparatus that Lost Wheel

Investigators are looking into the exact cause of why the 500-pound wheel fell off the 65,000-pound truck as it sped toward a house fire and skidded to a stop near 92nd and Woodstock.

“We did a cursory examination. One came up as possibly questionable,” said PF&R’s Tommy Schroeder. “They did a test called the Magniflux test, which basically runs a dye through the supposed fracture and it turns out it was just a line created by the casting process. So there was no issue in any of our apparatus that has a similar system.”

A spokesperson for TVF&R said this incident piqued their interest since they also have trucks manufactured by Pierce. They’re continuing with their regular inspections, but await the results from Portland.

A local Pierce dealer dispatched a mechanic to help PF&R with their investigation, officials told KOIN 6 News. The company is also very interested in the results.

Alan Ferschweiler, the president of the Portland Firefighters Association, said in a statement:

“The safety of our members is of great concern to me and the members that I serve. This situation could have had catastrophic results both to my members and the general public. I am proud of the skilled driving the fire fighter demonstrated in stopping the vehicle safely and without injury in such a stressful situation. He made sure that the other three fire fighters that were in the fire truck with him were able to go home safely at the end of shift this morning and that is a silver lining to this situation. We will work with the Fire Bureau Administration in every way necessary to prevent this from happening again in our department or to any other departments that use similar vehicles.”

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