Nickel Source Extends License-Free ChemPro Detector Ownership to Canada

The ChemPro series of Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) and Toxic Industrial Chemical (TIC) detection products have used an Americium-241 ionization source in their Ion Mobility Spectroscopy (IMS) sensors to provide license free ownership in many parts of the world including the United States.

However, the exemption for low level Americium-241 sources is not recognized in some countries including Canada. Environics has responded by incorporating a Nickel-63 source in the ChemPro product line. This new source provides the same gas/vapor detection performance as the original
Americium-241 source. 

As of 15 August 2011, this newly approved Nickel-63 source extends license-free ownership to Canadian ChemPro owners for the first time. When purchased new with the Nickel-63 source or when previously shipped units are upgraded to the new Nickel-63 source, Canadians will no longer have to apply for and renew a license to possess a ChemPro. ChemPro products for Canadian shipment can immediately be ordered with the Nickel-63 source option. Current owners of ChemPro products can upgrade to the new Nickel-63 source by contacting Environics USA. 

The new license-free Nickel-63 source is available for and can be upgraded to for any ChemPro product including the handheld ChemPro100, ChemPro100i, ChemProPD and the permanently mounted ChemProDM or ChemProFX.

Environics makes gas & vapor detection products & turn-key CBRN detection networks for civilian & military defense. We protect individuals, buildings, metros, cities and nations from CBRN threats.

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