Newly Restored Patriot Guard Fire Truck Boasts Custom Windshields at Nashville’s Veteran’s Day Parade

WORTHINGTON, OH—A very special addition will roll down the streets of downtown Nashville at the annual Nashville, Tennessee, Veteran’s Day Parade. A fully-restored, Patriot Guard Sutphen fire apparatus adorned with patriotic trimmings honors the memories of the fallen firefighters and rescue workers from the events of September 11, 2001.

Ron Neely, a retired Nashville Firefighter with 24 years of service, was deeply touched by the events of September 11 and purchased and restored the truck and uses it in parades and events to keep the memory of 9/11 alive. At the Nashville Parade, Neely will unveil a unique pair of custom windshields donated by Guardian’s Custom Glass Solutions (CGS) based in Worthington, Ohio.

Upon contacting CGS to inquire about replacing the broken windshields in his truck, the staff at CGS decided to donate both windshields to Mr. Neely. “We were touched by his cause and wanted to do something to help,” says CGS Sales Manager Debi Owens. “Ron was ecstatic to learn his messaging ‘All Gave Some/Some Gave All’ would be permanently protected by the glass.”

The windshields were recently presented and installed with the help of the Lawrence Glass Company in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, at no charge. “We’ve always supported our men and women in uniform and were compelled to help in any way possible when we heard Ron’s story,” comments Dale Lawrence of Lawrence Glass Company.

Neely plans to showcase his Patriot Guard fire engine at parades and other events around the country for years to come. “I am really touched by what CGS has done and can’t thank them enough,” says Neely.

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