Newly Built Wilmington (NC) Fire Station Opens

The newly built Wilmington Fire Station 3 held a ribbon cutting and open house Saturday to introduce the public to the facility.

The open house,114 Cinema Drive, featured entertainment, refreshments and tours of the 14,000 square-foot building.

The $3.4 million design is intended to upgrade the outdated facilities and provide citizens with the same level of service. Its four large bays will accommodate larger trucks.

Wilmington City leaders noted that they felt public safety is a priority with investment.

“Public safety is the number one responsibility of government,” said Mayor Pro-Temp Margaret Haynes. “We have to be responsible to the citizenry and make sure that we’re protecting lives and property every single day, so I don’t think you can really complain about a price tag on that.”

Station 3 is replacing stations on Princess Place Drive and Wallace Avenue. Those, as well as others, have been described as “woefully inadequate size wise” by Assistant Fire Chief Frank Blackley.

Blackley has been over seeing the construction of the new fire station, and the location was chosen to help maintain the fire departments current response times. After closing the other two, the city made the decision to open one larger station, instead of two new ones.

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